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How to Know the Space Usage

By iris, Updated on 2012-09-12 00:33:05

Disk Space is an amount of computer storage space on random-access memory devices, such as on a hard drive, floppy or USB flash drive. With the passing of time, much of the disk space is occupied by temporary files like those in the system temporary folder, the Internet Explorer Cache and Cookies folder, Recycle Bin and various other areas of your system. One way to find out which files are hogging the space, when your hard drive fills up, is to use a specialist utility that displays your disk space usage.

Glary Utilities has such a tool--Disk Analysis. Disk Analysis is a great disk space analyzer for the visualization of disk space usage by getting the size for each folder (including sub-folders) and files in a folder or drive. It analyses this information to generate a graphical chart showing disk usage distribution according to folders or other user defined criteria.

1. Download Glary Utilities and install it on your computer.
2. Launch the program and choose "Disk Analysis" in the right list.

3. There you can see all the disks. Check to choose the disk you want to analysis. You can also select a folder by clicking "Browse" at the bottom.

4. When you finish selecting, option "ok" to begin the process. When it finishes, you can see a list of detailed information.

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