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How to Delay A Certain Entry on StartUP

By iris, Updated on 2012-08-15 19:04:56

When you start your computer, there are several programs running automatically on startup. With  so many programs in the startup, it will take long time to start your computer and slow down your operation. Startup Manager is a program of Glary utilities that provides you the possibility to manage the Windows startup procedure. It offers you the possibility to control which programs automatically start up. You can add one entry or delete one entry. You can also delay one entry by setting the delay time.

1. Download Glary Utilities and install it on your computer.
2. In the "Optimize &Improve" list, select Startup Manager. 

3. There you can see a list of programs that are started when Windows starts or a new user login. 

4. Check the entry that you want to delay and click "Delay". There you can set the delay time.

5. Then you will see the entry in the below list. If you want to cancel the delay, you can check the item and click "Undelay".

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