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How to Encrypt a File

By iris, Updated on 2012-08-29 20:08:20

Snoopers can easily access files and passwords on your computer without your Windows password. All they have to do is insert a special disc into your computer and power it up. If you want to protect your computer from this type of attack, you have to encrypt the files that you don’t want others to be able to access. File Encryption is scrambling process in which files are made unreadable until the specific decryption method has been employed. Encryption is normally used to protect highly sensitive documents, but it's a good way to stop people from looking at your personal stuff. By encrypting files or folders, you can easily protect your information.

File Encryptor of Glary Utilities is a great helper for you to protect files from unauthorized access. You can choose a file you want to encrypt and set one password. In this way, this file can only be browsed by entering this key.
1. Download Glary Utilities and install it on your computer.

2. Launch this program and select the "File Encryptet" in the right list.

3. Select the files you want to encrypt by clicking "Browse". Find the files you want to encrypt and add to the list.

4. Then enter a password and click "Encrypt".

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