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How to Uninstall Programs Completely

By iris, Updated on 2012-08-28 23:39:57

It is a lot harder for you to uninstall a certain program from your system than installing them. Even though when you uninstall a program with its own uninstaller it may leave leftovers behind such as empty directories, log files, registry entries,etc. The incomplete uninstalling of program can generate faults in your system and junk files on your hard disk can slowdown your system, and conflict with new applications. Uninstall Manager is the program that allows you to safely remove all unwanted files and return your system to its original state.

This simple and powerful tool allows you to progress the work of removing unwanted files without affecting the proper configuration of your system. It also enables you to monitor the registry of your operating system to find and eliminate obsolete files left by previous programs eliminated. Uninstall Manager of the Glary Utilities also allows you to backup the uninstall so when you uninstall a certain program by mistake, you can restore it. It also enables you to batch uninstall programs which can save a lot of time.


1. Download Glary Utilities and install it on your computer.

2.Launch this program and select Uninstall Manager in the "Cleanup&Repair"

3. You can search for the programs you want to find. This program also provides the batch uninstall function so that you can check all the programs and uninstall them all at once. When you finish selecting the programs, click the uninstall button on the top.

4. There will pop up a message for you to make sure again. Just follow the structures, you can uninstall the program easily.

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