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How to Fix Shortcuts

By iris, Updated on 2012-08-08 18:20:28

Shortcuts are links to files stored in different folders and drives on your PC. In Windows Start Menu there are many shortcuts pointing to various files elsewhere on your hard drive. These shortcuts offer great convenience and allow you to find the targeted file quickly. When you run these shortcuts, corresponding application or document will open. However, when the 'targets' of these shortcuts are moved or deleted, leaving the shortcut pointing to a file or location that no longer exists. Such 'dead' shortcuts clutter your Start Menu and Desktop and the error message about the shortcuts is really annoying.

Glary Utilities has a Shortcuts Fixer that can help you solve all these problems efficiently. It enables you to scan any folder to find out the dead shortcuts or useless ones. When the scanning finished, there will be a detailed list of all the broken shortcuts. You can check the items you want to fix and then Shortcuts Fixer will fix all of them in one minute.

1. Download Glary Utilities and install it on your computer.
2. In the Clean up & Repair module, you can find Shortcuts Fixer. Double click to launch the program. There you can check the boxes to choose the disk you want to scan. Then click "Scan Now".

3. When the scan finishes, there will be a list of the broken shortcuts. You can click "fix shortcuts" on the top.

4. Then it will efficiently fix all the broken shortcuts. When the repair finishes, click"close".

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